August 03, 2016

Joel is on the cover of this month’s issue of the Swedish magazine, King. The article on the website seems to have been deleted, but here’s the cover!

August 02, 2016

Joel was looking so good in that blue suit when he attended the world premiere of Suicide Squad yesterday! I have added over a hundred high-quality photos into the gallery!

August 01, 2016

I have updated the gallery with 12 high-quality photos of Joel at the press conference of Suicide Squad two days ago. Thanks to my friend, Emily, for these!

Suicide Squad is featured in the September 2016 issue of Empire UK magazine. I have added scans into the gallery.

Mr Joel Kinnaman is hungry. As soon as MR PORTER’s photoshoot has wrapped, the 6ft 2in Swede jaywalks across Main Street in Downtown LA and straight into the first restaurant he sees. “Bäco Mercat? Fine. Table for two, please. And I’ll have the steak medium-rare, the Hamachi crudo, the shrimp and the lentil salad.”

The waitress smiles. “OK, then, that’s plenty for two. You know that everything here is meant to be shared?”

“No, that’s just for me,” says Mr Kinnaman, giving her a blank stare. “I’m really hungry.”

He’s not kidding. Mr Kinnaman is bulking up right now. So much so, that MR PORTER’s stylist had to go up a size on the Ermenegildo Zegna collection he is modelling to mark the brand’s arrival on site.

It’s 5.30pm, and time for his second lunch, just a couple of hours before his first dinner, which will be a pound of meat or fish. “I need to make 215lb by November,” he says. “That’s when we start shooting Altered Carbon. It’s Netflix’s biggest show so far, its answer to Game Of Thrones. I have to be ready. In my opening scene I come out in a loin cloth and fight six people.”

So he’s shaving, presumably, like a serious bodybuilder? “Totally. All about the shaving. And baby oil. I carry a jug with me just in case.”

Altered Carbon is a hard, R-rated sci-fi set 500 years in the future. Bodies are dispensable, our personalities are held in microchips and the rich are crushing the poor. A classic dystopia. “A lot of comparisons with Blade Runner,” he says, “but with lots more sex, violence and dismemberment.”

It also goes to show just how high Mr Kinnaman is flying these days. “I was the first one to be cast,” he says. “Projects are being cast around me now.”

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July 27, 2016

After the Live with Kelly appearance, Joel stopped by the SiriusXM Studio for the Sway in the Morning show, and attended the AOL Build Series to discuss Suicide Squad. I have added photos into the gallery! You can watch the AOL Build interview below. Heads up around the 8:42 mark for some high-volume static.